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BA - Sociology and English, Nepal
MA - International Relations, China 
MBA - International Hospitality Management, Switzerland

My name is Smriti. I am from Nepal, the land of the Himalayas. English is my most advanced language among the multiple languages I speak and a medium of communication in my family as I belong to a very multicultural/multinational one. I have learnt to adapt easily to any culture, situation or a country due to my background. I am a Nepali citizen, my education was in various other countries, working in several places and I was living in Timor Leste with my family (a small isolated island in the far east) for almost a decade before moving to Brazil.  

I have a Bachelors in Sociology and English from Nepal, a MA in International Relations from Beijing, China and an MBA in International Hospitality Management from Switzerland. 

I have worked as a project manager for several non governmental international agencies, English news reader for TV, a professor for undergraduate students of international relations, conflict management and english, freelance content developer for annual reports before moving into the hospitality industry. 

A career change to hospitality led me to Switzerland which got followed by USA where I was working at Marriott Hotels as a guest experience expert. I moved back to Timor Leste in 2019 where I was working as general manager for an Australian boutique hotel. 

I paint, draw illustrations and doodle during my spare time as a hobby which has given me opportunities in UN agencies to work as a graphic recorder and an illustrator. I dream of finishing my book one day, that I have been working on, which is based on my life experiences. 

Currently, I live with my family in Londrina. I chose FD English as it portrays goals and values that I always wished  language centers should have. Being multicultural and in a constant move with several languages to adapt with, I personally understand the struggles of adding a language in you. FD English's tailored classes help every individual in their own pace to master what they start and it is a great opportunity to be a part of a team that is full of dedication, values, effort and focus to make language learning fun, exciting, interesting and efficient.

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