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Derby, Reino Unido
Mechanical Engineering

My name is Paul, I am a native English speaker and was born in the city of Derby, England in 1962. I have lived in Brazil since 2013, initially in Medianeira, PR, but I have lived in Londrina for about 15 months, together with my wife who is Brazilian.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Huddersfield University and graduated in 1985 and worked as an Engineer with a number of companies in the Railway industry in the U.K. and worldwide, particularly with Alstom Transport who have quite a strong presence in Brazil. I spent 2 or 3 years working in Brazil and Argentina on a number of railway projects with Alstom.

I have taught English as a second language during my time in Brazil and very much enjoy passing on my experience of English to people who wish to learn. Here at FD you will have the best opportunity to learn English as all lessons are tailored to the needs of the student and are based on actual conversation. Practice makes perfect as we say in the UK.
The classes are active and dynamic and student participation is fundamental to the learning process.

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